Data Protection Policy for PwC eValuation

PwC eValuation (hereinafter "eValuation") is an online application of PricewaterhouseCoopers Corporate Finance Beratung GmbH ("PwC CFB"). At PwC CFB, we attach utmost importance to treating any personal data that you, the user, entrusts to us in a responsible manner.

  • setting up your user account (name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number)
  • completion of a contract (e.g. address) and
  • creation of your company valuation and benchmarking (e.g. details of your business plan)

We will treat all data that you enter into eValuation and transfer to us as strictly confidential and will only store and use such data for the purposes of this application. 

The following principles apply in this regard.

  1. We treat any data transmitted to us in good faith and responsibly, and comply with the relevant data protection laws in force.
  2. We will collect, process and use the personal data provided by you online only for the purposes that have been communicated to you.
  3. We will neither sell nor market your personal data to third parties, nor will we pass them on for any other reasons.
  4. We use state-of-the-art safeguarding technology in order to protect your data against any misuse.
  5. We offer a secure, efficient and individual user experience.


1. Intended purpose

eValuation may be used via a password-protected user account. Setting up a user account simply requires providing your name, surname, telephone number and an e-mail address. We collect and store these details on the servers of the cloud service provider commissioned by us to allow you to log in to eValuation with your user account. 

At the time you enter into a contract with us for the usage of eValuation – whether for a fee or free of charge – we collect and store such personal data pertaining to you as we require to implement the contract and collect any charges (e.g. company name, address, etc. for any order confirmation or invoicing).
When eValuation is accessed, a connection is established with the cloud server of the cloud service provider. In this process the following details are recorded and stored:

  • your computer's current IP address,
  • the selected websites,
  • your browser type,
  • date and time
  • and your computer's operating system. 

This data is collected solely for purposes of data security. We will not use this information for any other purpose.

While you are using eValuation, certain data (known as cookies) may be stored on your computer in order to simplify your use of our services. Such data will neither be used to identify you nor to contact you. Personal data will be collected and stored only within the limits of the applicable data protection laws. No further personal data will be collected unless you have provided such details voluntarily, e.g. in the context of a request lodged with our customer support department.
We will collect and store any data that you entrust to us using the highest possible degree of security and the best possible protection in accordance with our technical and organisational safeguards.

2. Intended purpose

We will store and use your personal data (e.g. name, e-mail address) in order to provide the contractual services and, where relevant, to invoice for the services as well as to provide individual product support and, if requested, for our newsletters and product information.
We will collect, process and use the personal data provided by you online only for the purposes that have been communicated to you unless that data is collected, processed and used

  1. for a purpose directly related to the original purpose for which the personal data was collected,
  2. due to a legal obligation or by administrative or court order,
  3. in order to establish or protect any legal claims or in order to defend against any illegal activities.

We will neither sell nor market your personal data to third parties, nor will we pass them on for any other reasons. Companies within the PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH group, which includes PwC CFB, shall not constitute "third parties" for this purpose. Furthermore, we are entitled to transfer personal data to other companies within the international PwC network if this is necessary in order to achieve the purposes for which you have provided us with the data (e.g. when responding to queries).

3. Data security

When you log in to your user account with eValuation, your business valuations are encrypted and stored on the cloud server of our cloud provider. Login takes place via a 2-factor authentication, i.e. with a user name / password and an access code generated dynamically which is sent to you by text message to your mobile phone. 

Please note that the security of any use of eValuation also depends on how well you choose and protect your password; the same applies in relation to your mobile phone. Please note our suggestions on how to create a password and do not share your password with anyone else. By employing technical and organisational safeguards we endeavour to ensure the best possible safety against any unauthorised access as well as any loss, destruction or manipulation of your data.
We store personal data that you transmit to us only for as long as they are required in order to achieve the purpose for which they were transmitted or for as long as the law requires us to store them.
eValuation is only run via a secured Internet connection (SSL/HTTPS); the lock symbol in the web browser indicates the presence of a secured connection.
You may terminate the use of eValuation at any time by logging out of the application. After logging out of eValuation, any data previously stored by you on the cloud server will only be stored in data centres of our cloud provider within the legal domain of the EU (Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Dublin, Ireland).
We endeavour to take technical and organisational precautions in order to protect your personal data against unintentional or illegal deletion, alteration or against loss or unauthorised disclosure or unauthorised access. Our employees are subject to corresponding confidentiality and data protection obligations. 

3.1 Technical safeguards

Our eValuation server is located in the data centres operated within the legal domain of the EU (Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Dublin, Ireland). Detailed information may be accessed under the following link:

3.2 Organisational safeguards

In order to guarantee your security and privacy, it is only possible to log-in to eValuation with a password using 2-factor authentication. All data transfers take place via a secure Internet connection (SSL/HTTPS) in order to pre-empt such data being read or manipulated by any unauthorised persons. In addition, we use a combination of firewalls, encryption techniques and authentication measures to make usage as secure as possible and to pre-empt any unauthorised access. Due to the encryption, data cannot be read or attributed even in the event of physical access to the systems.

3.3 Mobile terminals

eValuation supports you by integrating mobile terminals (such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices) in order to allow you to access your data at any time and anywhere. The use of third-party backup services (such as the Apple iCloud) is subject to the service's own data protection provisions; content and compliance with such provisions are beyond our control.

3.4 Information request

You may request information regarding your data stored with us or request the correction, blocking and deletion of your stored data and its processing at any time and free of charge. If a deletion is barred due to any statutory, contractual or other retention periods under commercial or tax law or for any other statutory reasons, your data will not be deleted but will be marked as blocked.

For any queries regarding this Data Protection Policy please contact: 

You may also use this e-mail address if you have any concerns regarding compliance with our rules of conduct.

4. Children

eValuation is not meant for children below the age of 14. PwC CFB will not knowingly collect or store any personal data of children.